20 Years of Sejahtera Symposium

The new classroom environment has been disclosed with the introduction of the Frog Virtual
Learning Environment (Frog VLE). This is a comparatively a new addition in Malaysian
Education System. The implementation of this virtual environment definitely had positive
impacts on how it can be utilized to enhance the teaching and learning experience in schools.
Nonetheless, recent studies on VLE predominantly focus on readiness and perception and there
is limited research focusing teachers’ attitudes and trends especially in primary education.
Hence, research attempts to discover teachers’ attitudes towards the implementation of Frog
VLE platform. In addition, it explores the effects of using Frog VLE on teachers’ teaching
performance and aim to identify the current trend of VLE utilisation among primary school
teachers in their teaching and learning. In order to conduct the research, a survey was carried out
among primary school teachers in Gombak District using a convenient sampling. There were 392
respondents involved in the study. Descriptive analysis was used to address the first and second
research question, whereas Pearson’s Product – Moment Correlation test was employed to the
third and fourth research questions. The finding shows that positives attitudes towards Frog VLE
utilizations give a positive impact to their teaching performance. In line with that, the findings
reveal that the trend of usage among teachers in Gombak District is within the target.
Furthermore, it also discloses that there are some features in Frog environment are favourite by
gender. Based on that, this study recommends active participations among teachers utilizing Frog
VLE environment in their teaching practice