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The division was set up to establish alumni relations and activities. As its inception in 1999, it was known as Alumni Relations and Promotions Unit (ARPU) and was placed under the Admission and Records Division to oversee the needs of IIUM alumni. In 2002 it became the Alumni Relations Unit (ARU) where it focussed on IIUM alumni affairs only. However, the Unit evolved to become an agency of the university in 2005 which covered not only alumni matters, but also IIUM student career services. In October 2015, after a restructuring in responsibilities, it is renamed as the Alumni and Global Networking Division. The Alumni Division is the liaison between the university and its graduates. Apart from obtaining input from the alumni on various matters, the Division also promotes the achievements of former graduates and keep them abreast of developments at the university. To date, IIUM has produced more than 75,000 alumni who serve as agents of change to the world, spreading the IIUM mission nationally and internationally. The majority of them serve both public and private sectors worldwide and provide significant impact on their communities and countries. The IIUM international alumni, via its Alumni Chapters, have been established in 29 countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, the Republic of Maldives, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Oman, China, Bangladesh, Gambia, Republic of Guinea, Sri Lanka and Turkey. As for the local IIUM alumni chapters, they exist in Sabah, Sarawak, Johor, Kelantan and Kedah. Among the main purposes of establishing alumni chapters are to enable the alumni to conduct activities for themselves as well as for the development of the university. It is also to help promote IIUM to the world. The alumni could also be the referral point for potential IIUM students. .

Kulliyyah of Medicine Alumni

For the past 20 years, Kulliyyah of Medicine has produced 2044 undergraduates and 298 postgraduates. The Kulliyyah has taken a step forward in putting together a database of KOM alumni as a smaller chapter from the IIUM Alumni Portal above.



If you are a graduate from Kulliyyah of Medicine, kindly fill in the database below.


Alumni of Medical Doctors IIUM

Start Here. Go Anywhere.

In 2006, few years after the first batch of MBBS (IIUM) graduated, a group of motivated and like-minded alumni brainstormed the idea of a society for the alumni. In March 2007, AIDOC or Alumni of IIUM Doctors were registered as a non-governmental society. As a pioneer, a lot of collaborations and activities were organised under this entity. In 2013, AIDOC was deregistered due to some unforseen circumstances.


A recovery measures was immediately taken in 2014 when another society was created to reinstate the alumni society under a new name of MedIIUM. Since then, this society had partook in a lot of activities involving networking, students welfare and development, humanitarian work, educational work and many more.


About MedIIUM

Alumni of Medical Doctors IIUM (MedIIUM) is a registered alumni society which serves as a platform for alumni to keep in touch with our beloved alma mater

Mission and Vision

  1. To produce professionals with integration of good faith (iman), knowledge (‘ilm) and good character (akhlaq).
  2. To inculcate the culture of lifelong learning and social responsibility among members.
  3. As a platform of interaction between alumni, current students and Kulliyyah of Medicine academicians.
  4. To support the postgraduate and professional development of the members.
  5. To participate in the physical development, academic, intellectual and community engagement in Kulliyyah of Medicine, IIUM.

List of Presidents

  1. Dr Nasrul Muhaimin bin Mohd Mokhtar (1st Batch)
  2. Dr Sofwan Albar bin Nusyirwan (2nd Batch)
  3. Dr Shams Amir bin Shamsul Bahar (6th Batch)
  4. Dr Muhamad Rasydan bin Abd Ghani (3rd Batch)
  5. Dr Mohammad Arif bin Shahar (4th Batch)
  6. Dr Faiz bin Daud (5th Batch)
  7. Dr Nazhan Afeef bin Mohd Ariff @ Ghazali (8th Batch) – Current President

Organisation Chart