KOM Ibadah Camp was held on the 8th and 9th of December. It was conducted virtually and physically. This year it was the Department of Psychiatry’s turn to be the organizer and the theme was ‘Leadership’.

The enthusiasm of the speakers which was the combination of asatidzah and KOM’s own doctors made the ibadah camp a dynamic and lively one, with discussions made in the chat box and in the Lecture Hall.

Our Dean, Prof. Dr. Jamaluddin himself presented the qualities of leadership, and among the message he sent was to hold integrity within oneself, and to stay honest and true to ourselves, even with giving your utmost attention in front of the laptops and cameras for online seminars such as the ibadah camp!

Everyone seemed to take note of that, as thereafter, the chat box was filled with messages to show that they were paying attention and holding on to their integrity.

Please refer to the video below to watch a part of the KOM Ibadah Camp lectures

Ibadah Camp Day 1 Video:

Ibadah Camp Day 2 Video:

Montage of the event