Notice on Issuance of Preliminary End of Semester Examination Timetable for Semester 3, 2022/2023 (Undergraduate)

Notice on Release of Examination Results for  Semester Semester 3, 2022/2023 (Undergraduate)

Notice on Issuance of  Final End of Semester Examination Timetable for Semester 3, 2022/2023 (Undergraduate)
 Notice on Issuance of End of Semester Examination Slip for Semester 3, 2022/2023 (Undergraduate)

The Kulliyyah is well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and facilities to aid the teaching and learning process such as the available of computer laboratories for specific applications:

Ibnu Taimiyyah Conference Room
Ibnu Sina Presentation Room
Computer Lab
Lecture Theater

Congratulations to our brilliant representatives that recently participated in The Intervarsity Corporate Strategy Challenge (ICSC) 2024, hosted by the University of Malaya Accounting Club (UMAC), aimed to empower future entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. ICSC focused on fostering innovation and strategic thinking among undergraduate participants.


Special recognition goes to our one standout team, Kencana, comprising Dine Aiman Bin Mohd Fakharuddin, Azimmustaqim Bin Mohd Zaed, Nayli Udzma Damia binti Mohd Raslan, and Putri Mardhiyah Munatul Maknun binti Ahmad Mizanudin, showcased exceptional dedication and skills. Their achievements included winning the ICSC 2024 Champion – Corporate Strategist title and Dine Aiman’s recognition as one of the ICSC 2024 Most Charismatic Future CEOs.


ICSC provided participants with opportunities to immerse themselves in real-world business scenarios, honing entrepreneurial, financial, pitching, and networking skills. The competition also served as a hub for talent from various Malaysian tertiary institutions, encouraging collaboration and exchange of ideas.