Head of Internationalisation and Global Network

Dr.  Abdulmajid Mohammed Aldaba

The Internationalization Unit in the Kulliyyah has the following missions to achieve:  

  1. Assists in recruitment of International students and staff.
  2. Liaises the signing of MOUs and MOAs and monitors their implementation as well as report to central agencies.
  3. Assists in enhancing networking with the alumni of the Kulliyyah locally and internationally.
  4. Coordinates international visits and meetings involving scholars and dignitaries visiting the Kulliyyah.
  5. Disseminates information and statistics on Internationalisation (International Alumni, International Graduate Employability, MoU & MoA, Staff and Students Mobility, Internship & etc).
  6. Initiates the invitation of renowned scholars, visiting professors, dignitaries and high profile international figures to the Kulliyyah and IIUM.
  7. Proposes any kind of partnership that leads to international joint degrees with renowned Institutions, twinning programme and introducing of Kulliyyah programmes overseas.
  8. Advises on the possibility of setting up the parallel branches of kulliyah or its programmes overseas.
  9. Promotes the offering of Kulliyyah programmes overseas using the format of satellite campus and other mode of delivering.
  10. Advises students and staff of the Kulliyyah on issues related to immigration matters (visa, students pass, dependent visa, passport and etc)
  11. Assists in promoting and marketing the Kulliyyah locally and Internationally.