Kulliyyah of Sustainable Tourism and Contemporary Languages

IIUM’s International Cooperation with Urgench State University, Uzbekistan

At the International Islamic University Malaysia, fostering global academic partnerships is a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence in education. As part of this endeavor, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Samshul Amry bin Abdul Latif, a distinguished faculty member from the Department of Tourism, Kulliyyah of Sustainable Tourism and Contemporary Languages, is currently engaged in a collaborative program with Urgench State University.

Since February 5, 2024, Dr. Abdul Latif has been delivering insightful tourism marketing lectures to undergraduate students specializing in tourism and hospitality at the Faculty of Socio-Economic Sciences at Urgench State University. Additionally, he has been engaging faculty members aimed at exchanging knowledge and skills.

We are proud to facilitate such collaborative efforts, which not only contribute to the academic enrichment of students but also promote the exchange of expertise and ideas among faculty members and our partner institutions worldwide. Dr. Abdul Latif’s tenure at Urgench State University will continue until March 30 of the ongoing academic year, further strengthening the bond between our institutions and fostering a culture of global learning and cooperation.