How to Give

The financial position of the university is not the same as before. The Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL) needs to carry out income generating activities and receive gifts to operate the Kulliyyah and to carry out academic and student co-curriculum activities.

Support what matters to you

Your gift is a mark of what matters most to you, an investment in today’s students, today’s communities, and today’s ummah as a whole. The Kulliyyah has set up a number of funds so you can choose to make a gift that supports a particular project. 

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AIKOL Student Ibadah Camp

Ibadah Camp is a unique programme experienced by IIUM alumni.  It is organised to facilitate the understanding and the application of the vision and mission of the University and the Kulliyyah. The basic provision in organising such events is providing meals for participating students.

Amount needed is RM 15,000 per semester / RM 30,000 per year
  Amount (RM)
Amount received: RM3,000.00
Expenses: RM0.00
Net balance as at 16.10.2023 RM3,000.00

AIKOL Financial Assistance

The money collected is to build fund to provide financial assistance to students in need and to attract excellent students to do postgraduate studies at AIKOL. Assistance may be given through the payment of allowances to students who do part-time assistance works at the Kulliyyah.

Amount needed is RM 15,000 per semester / RM 30,000 per year
  Amount (RM)
Amount received: RM67,923.87
Expenses: RM13,200.00
Net balance as at 16.10.2023 RM54,723.87

AIKOL Classroom Upgrade

The financial position of the university is not the same as before. The Kulliyyah needs to carry out income generating activities and to receive assistance to ensure classroom facilities are upgraded when required.

Amount needed is RM 90, 000 for year 2020
  Amount (RM)
Amount received: RM3,000.00
Expenses: RM0.00
Net balance as at 16.10.2023 RM3,000.00

AIKOL Student Meal

The money collected will be used to provide free meals such as through issuance of lunch coupons for students in need.

Amount needed is RM 25, 000 per semester / RM 50, 000 per year
  Amount (RM)
Amount received: RM50,220.00
Expenses: RM18,739.20
Net balance as at 16.10.2023 RM31,480.80

AIKOL Moot and Student’s Competition

AIKOL students have achieved success in moot court and other student’s competitions such as the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, the Willem C. Vis Moot, the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot, client counselling and role-playing competitions. The Kulliyyah needs substantial funds to send winning teams to final competitions at overseas such as in the United States of America, Austria and Hong Kong.

Amount needed RM 15, 000 per semester / RM 30, 000 per year
  Amount (RM)
Amount received: RM74,752.00
Expenses: RM49,659.58
Net balance as at 16.10.2023 RM25,092.42

AIKOL Trust Fund

This is a general fund for the operation of the Kulliyyah in contrast to specific funds as above. Money collected under the ‘AIKOL Trust Fund’ could also be used for purposes under the specific fund.

Amount needed is RM 15, 000 per semester / RM 30, 000 per year
  Amount (RM)
Amount received: RM7,570.00
Expenses: RM0.00
Net balance as at 06.09.2022 RM7,570.00

How to make your gift

Alumni and friends can contribute to AIKOL by making a one-time or recurring gift.

1) One-time gift via bank transfer
Bank transfers may be made to the following account:

Bank name: Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad
Account name: UIAM Operating Account
Account number: 1407-0000004-71-6
Reference: AIKOL

Important:  To ensure accurate handling, donors should send a confirmation email to with the following details:

  • Donor name
  • Contact phone number
  • Date the transfer was made
  • Name of the originating bank
  • Amount of the bank transfer
  • Purpose of transfer (e.g. AIKOL Student Meal or for AIKOL trust fund) 

2) Recurring gift via standing order
Set up standing orders to give recurring, open-ended gifts for the particular project of your interest. This can be done by via online banking (depending on banks) or by contacting your bank to request it. 

Inspire and guide our brothers and sisters

From mentoring to delivering talks – your support can make all the difference in inspiring and guiding our brothers and sisters. There are many ways for you to contribute.

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Fly in Tutor

Our students are inspired by the different career paths of our alumni. You could support our current students by sharing your knowledge and experience as guest tutors in classes to show students the relevance of those law subjects in your careers.

Advocacy Training

Assist in training students (or ToT for lecturers) on the skill of advocacy. Help them to be great advocates for justice.

Mentor to Student Law Firms

If you are keen to become a mentor, your support can be invaluable in providing advice, supervision, industry insight and professional development to law firms created for students in their final year of study.

Coach or Judge for Competitions

Our students have from time to time appeared as national champions in various competitions (moot and client counselling competitions, to name a few) and represented Malaysia internationally. Your support means a lot for our student’s continuous excellence. We need your help to coach mooters and students in other competitions; or to serve as judges during trainings.

Legal Aid Services

Volunteer your time in our outreach programme for community services. Allow students to gain practical legal skills and experience for legal aid services under your supervision by becoming a mentor.

Let us know how you can contribute.

For enquiries, please get in touch with our Coordinator for Alumni, Dr. Tajul Aris Bin Ahmad Bustami, at