To all academic staff in the RK Division,

Dear colleagues,

The Kulliyyah has endorsed a list of journals considered to be of international standing in the RK disciplines. To obtain a copy of the list, please click here.

If you feel that a deserving journal is not in the list, you can apply to the Kulliyyah to make its judgment on that journal. Your submission should include the following: 1. Application letter for the Kulliyyah to evaluate the journal (addressed to the Dean) 2. Photocopy of the cover page of the journal 3. Photocopy of the title page 4. Photocopy of the page(s) on which the editorial / advisory board members are provided 5. Photocopy of the page on which the submission guidelines are spelled out 6. Photocopy of two sample articles from the journal.

This request is not applicable to journals already listed in ISI or SCOPUS as they are automatically considered by the University to be of international standing.