Date: March 5, 2023

By Muhammad Farhan Mahmud

Location: Kulliyyah of Nursing, Kuantan, Malaysia

In a groundbreaking endeavor to prioritize mental health in perinatal care, the Department of Special Care Nursing, Kulliyyah of Nursing, in collaboration with the UK-South East Asia Maternal Mental Health Partnership, successfully hosted the International Perinatal Mental Health Seminar 2023. This landmark event, held on March 2nd, 2023, at the prestigious Auditorium Kulliyyah of Nursing, garnered significant attention from both local and international stakeholders.

The seminar introduced an innovative hybrid approach to knowledge-sharing, seamlessly integrating both in-person and virtual participation. This forward-thinking format ensured that the seminar’s valuable insights reached a wider audience, transcending geographical boundaries. A diverse gathering of 95 participants, including healthcare professionals, academics, researchers, and advocates, underscored the urgent need to address perinatal mental health. Their shared dedication to advancing maternal mental health was palpable throughout the event.

Distinguished speakers, each an authority in their respective fields, shared their expertise. Prof. Helen Cheyne, internationally recognized for her contributions to perinatal mental health, provided insights that have influenced policies and practices on a global scale. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Roshaidai Mohd Arifin, a leading figure in women’s mental health, presented research pivotal to advancing the field of perinatal mental health. Prof. Dr. Ramli Musa, an eminent authority in psychiatry, offered a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between mental health and perinatal care. Prof. Fiona Harris, with extensive experience in maternal and child health, shared expertise instrumental in enhancing the well-being of mothers and infants. Professor Margaret Maxwell, renowned for her contributions to public health and maternal mental health, added a crucial perspective to the seminar.

The seminar’s primary aim was to advocate for comprehensive approaches that prioritize perinatal mental health within existing healthcare systems. By engaging international luminaries, the event sought to amplify the call for inclusive strategies that comprehensively address the mental well-being of mothers during pregnancy and postpartum. The International Perinatal Mental Health Seminar 2023 marked a significant milestone in the global discourse on maternal mental health. Through engaging discussions, the seminar not only raised awareness but also catalyzed efforts towards comprehensive approaches. The collaboration between the Department of Special Care Nursing, Kulliyyah of Nursing, and the UK-South East Asia Maternal Mental Health Partnership exemplifies the shared commitment to nurturing the mental well-being of mothers and infants on a global scale.