Date: October 24, 2023

by Muhammad Farhan Mahmud

Location: Banquet Hall, OCD, IIUM Kuantan

The International Health Research and Innovation Symposium 2023, a collaborative endeavor between the Department of Special Care Nursing, Kulliyyah of Nursing, IIUM; Brawijaya University, the Malaysian Nurses Association (MNA) Pahang Branch, and the Flagship 3.0 Promoting Breastfeeding, unfolded as a groundbreaking event held in hybrid mode at the illustrious Banquet Hall, located at the Office of the Campus Director (OCD), IIUM Kuantan. Drawing together an esteemed assembly of participants, including dedicated staff nurses, healthcare practitioners, and esteemed academicians from all over Malaysia and neighboring countries including Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam. The symposium acted as a platform that promised a wealth of insights and collaborative opportunities.

The day commenced with an enlightening talk by Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Hafiz Arzmi, setting the tone for the event. Dr. Mohd Hafiz delved into the imperative theme of “Health Research and Innovation”, emphasizing the pressing need for interdisciplinary collaboration. He asserted that research should be underpinned by values of entrepreneurship, innovation, and seamless cooperation between the expertise from various fields. Continuing the symposium’s global reach, Prof. Titin Andri Wihastuti, broadcasted live from Malang, Indonesia, delivered a profound discourse on “The Role of Biomedical Sciences in Nursing”. Her insights illuminated the vital nexus between the biomedical and nursing disciplines, offering invaluable perspectives for attendees.

The event resumed with Prof. Dato’ Dr. Hamizah Ismail’s captivating exposition on “Milk Bank Practices and The Sharia-Compliant Halimatussaadia Mother’s Milk Centre”. Her presentation not only shed light on the historical genesis of the center but also sparked an engaging Q&A session, both in the hall and through virtual channels. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Hamizah’s parting words left an indelible mark, encouraging attendees to delve into the holy Quran and seek its meaning for inspiration in their roles as Khalifah, and to champion research endeavors.

The innovation crescendo continued with Dr. Mohd Khairul Zul Hasymi Firdaus, who introduced his groundbreaking Diabetes Care App, a comprehensive self-management tool addressing vital aspects of diabetes care including foot care, balanced calorie intake, and simple physical activities, along with a Diabetic Food Plate guide. Ms. Evi Harwiarti Ninrum, also from Brawijaya University, took the stage to share her team’s initiative through the Sahabat Pasien Application, a platform designed to support patients grappling with chronic illnesses, including stroke, gout, hypertension, and kidney failure. Her presentation resonated with a palpable sense of empowerment for those facing these health challenges.

Dr. Sumaiyah Jamaludin commanded the audience’s attention with her research on a Clinical Audit of Soft Skill Elements in Structured Clinical Skills Assessment and Innovation. Additionally, she presented the innovative Multipurpose Safety Belt Pro (MPS Pro), a device aimed at assisting patients with multiple drainage and urinary catheter needs. The symposium culminated in an enlightening session delivered by Dr. Amirah Fatin Ibrahim, who explored strategies to enhance social participation and improve health outcomes among the elderly via her breakthrough research among the elderly located in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan. Her call to action prompted attendees to consider the emotional and physical needs of older adults, emphasizing the importance of active engagement.

The event was formally inaugurated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kamil Che Hasan, the Dean of the Kulliyyah of Nursing, and concluded with heartfelt gratitude from Dr. Siti Hazariah Abdul Hamid, Head of the Department of Special Care Nursing. Her closing remarks expressed deep appreciation for all participants, speakers, and committee members, affirming the event’s resounding success. With best wishes for a safe journey homeward, the symposium left an enduring impact on all who attended.