Date: November 27, 2023

by Muhammad Farhan Mahmud

Location: Sultan Ahmad Shah medical Centre @IIUM, Kuantan, Pahang

In a joint initiative by the Department of Nursing, Sultan Ahmad Shah Medical Centre @IIUM, and the Clinical Skills Centre (CSC), Kulliyyah of Nursing, IIUM, a significant event transpired on November 27, 2023. The occasion, named the “Venipuncture and Injection Technique Course 2023,” took place at the Auditorium SASMEC @IIUM.

The primary objective of the course was to serve as a refresher for both new and seasoned nurses, focusing on venipuncture and injection techniques. Recognizing the paramount importance of refining nursing skills to mitigate incompetencies, medication errors, and sharp injuries, the course aimed at elevating the overall standard of nursing practices.

The distinguished team from the Clinical Skills Centre (CSC), under the leadership of Mdm. Rusilawati Abd Rahman, was invited to play a crucial role as facilitators and assessors for the course. In a statement, Mdm. Rusilawati expressed her team’s commitment and pleasure in contributing to the event. She emphasized that the CSC team is dedicated to fostering excellence in nursing skills and is enthusiastic about collaborations that transcend institutional boundaries. Mdm. Rusilawati Abd Rahman further stated, “Our commitment extends beyond our immediate circle; we are always open to collaborating for the betterment of nursing education and the development of the next generation of nurses. Whether they come from the Kulliyyah of Nursing or other institutions, we are here to share our expertise and support.”

The event marked another significant stride in promoting continuous learning and skill enhancement within the nursing community. The collaborative effort between the CSC and SASMEC @IIUM exemplifies a shared commitment to advancing the quality of nursing education and practice. Leading the Way!