Date: December 1, 2023

by Muhammad Farhan Mahmud

Photos credited to:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azlina Daud, Sr. Rusna Hakim Mat Rasar, & Sr. Fazlina Othman

In a spirited showcase of community unity, sustainability, and a steadfast commitment to positive change, the Kulliyyah of Nursing (KON) Gotong Royong Project 2023 has etched a memorable chapter in the collective narrative of the KON community. This transformative event, held today, not only revitalized communal spaces but also serves as a heartfelt welcome to students returning from their mid-semester break next week.

The dedicated lecturers and administrative staff of the Kulliyyah of Nursing collaborated harmoniously to reconstruct a gravel walkway connecting the KON building and the One Stop Students Centre (OSC). This collaborative effort not only enhances connectivity but also breathes a fresh aesthetic into the community. The newly revamped pathway stands as an inviting thoroughfare, urging residents to explore their surroundings in a rejuvenated environment. Beyond mere functionality, the team invested time and effort into comprehensive landscape maintenance. Meticulous attention to detail was evident in building yard landscaping and strategic planting, resulting in a vibrant and well-kept community environment. This transformation extends beyond aesthetics; it instills a profound sense of pride among residents, fostering a collective ownership of their communal spaces.

The pinnacle of the day’s activities was the revitalization and cleaning of the Rufaidah al-Aslamiyah garden, once overlooked but now transformed into a verdant oasis. This serene space now serves as a tranquil retreat for all community members, embodying the remarkable outcomes achievable through community collaboration. The success of the KON Gotong Royong Project is a testament to the dedication of all staff. A collective expression of gratitude goes out to each individual who played a pivotal role in bringing this project to fruition. As the community eagerly awaits the return of students from their mid-semester break next week, the revitalized spaces stand as a welcoming gesture—a refreshing environment awaiting their arrival.

This event extends beyond physical transformations; it strengthens the bonds within the KON community. As the Gotong Royong Project paves the way for the return of students, it symbolizes a collective commitment to providing a more beautiful, connected, and vibrant community environment. As the community celebrates the success of the KON Gotong Royong Project 2023, there is an optimistic hope that it serves as a catalyst for future community initiatives. The revitalized spaces and strengthened community bonds are poised to have a lasting impact on the residents of KON. Here’s to a community that thrives on collaboration, positive transformation, and a warm welcome for all who call it home.


Watch the highlighted video of the programme here!