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Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy was officially established in early 2004. The main function of the department is to provide and conduct a quality course in the field of diagnostic imaging and radiography. The programme conduct is Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honors). The aim of the programme is to produce quality graduates in diagnostic imaging field, that are caring, safe and competent in today’s high tech health care workplace with high Islamic value in their conduct of their professional duties. The conduct of the programme will be in line with the philosophy and concept of IIUM’s establishment in generally and specifically in line with the objectives of Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences founding. The first intake for the programme was in June 2004. After 4 years of education, the pioneer batch of 11 graduates was successfully graduated on 23rd August 2008 which is in coinciding with the IIUM’s 25th Anniversary celebration.

Objectives of the Programme

  1. To produce a professional graduate in health care profession that will conduct their professional duties in line with the philosophy and mission of university
  2. To produce a professional graduate that is competent and capable in optimising the use of high tech facilities in disease detection, analysts and treatment.
  3. To produce more professional graduate in this field to support the national need.
  4. As a contribution to national aspiration in providing a quality health care services and facilities.
  5. To provide a conducive environment for teaching, learning and research in related field.
  6. To inculcate and promote a continuous education process to the students.

Contact information:
Assistant Professor Dr. Farah Wahida Binti Ahmad Zaiki
Head of Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy 
Telephone: +609-570 4000 (ext. 5322)
Email: farahzaiki@iium.edu.my

Assistant to HOD/Admin Assistant
Telephone: +609-570 4000 (ext. 5323)
Email: kahsddir@iium.edu.my

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