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IIUM Optometry Clinic at a glance


The IIUM Optometry Clinic has been operating since 2006. Starting humbly with only 5 examination room at the IIUM Indera Mahkota Campus, clinic has now expanded into a 12 examination room and complete with its own ophthalmic business area. The clinic had provided and will continue to provide a variety of optometric services to the public, especially to the Kuantan populace. Setting itself apart from other typical optometry clinic, the IIUM Optometry Clinic incorporates arts into its design in the hopes that this would provide the best experience for both students and patients.

The new IIUM Optometry Clinic

This new clinic boast with 12 examination rooms, 2 specialize clinics, 1 diagnostic optometry room, 1 tutorial room, and 1 modern design dispensary area. All examination rooms and clinics are fully equipped for complete eye examination procedures. The specialty clinics caters for various clinics such as pediatric, color vision, low vision and special diagnostic clinic. The establishment of the clinic is aimed to train professional and qualified future-optometrist for the ever changing eye care services around the world.

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