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Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

Physiotherapists have received a university education and are professionally registered. The team who are committed to provide excellent and integrate Islamic values in service and practice.  They are highly trained in the analysis of human movement, as well as the recognition & treatment of disorders of the musculo skeletal system. 

1. A detailed assessment and plan of treatment discussed. 

2. Education:  about your injury, what you can do to maximize healing & prevent further injuries. 

3. “Hands on” approach:  including soft tissue techniques, mobilization and muscle re-education. 

4. Exercise:  according to your specific needs. 

5. Reconditioning Program:  flexibility, cardiovascular and strengthening program at the  our IIUM gym  equipment. 

6. Sports Injury Management:  immediate facilitation of healing after sprains or strains related to your sport.  Also sports  specific re-education.

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