Kulliyyah's Mission & Vision


Kulliyyah of Dentistry is acknowledge as a Mecca for lifelong dental learning, research and education.


Kulliyyah that is dedicated to a culture of excellence in its academia, administration and treatment services, utilizing contemporary techniques and modern equipment, training and producing generations of dental professionals with leadership qualities imbued in Islamic values.


  • To strive for excellence in dental knowledge, research, care delivery and education.
  • To practice good management, encourage innovativeness, instill pioneering spirit and encourage
  • To apply modern practice and usage of the contemporary technology.
  • To ensure students remain keen learners, exemplary leaders and good citizens.
  • To promote a culture of respect, caring attitude, unity and loyalty, regardless of race, religion or creed.

Raisons d'Etre

  • To produce and train professional dental surgeons and other auxiliary dental manpower to meet the dental human capital needs of Malaysia and other Muslim countries.
  • To ensure the Malaysian public always get a modern and quality oral health care through dedicated and trained dental professionals.
  • To help develop and increase the number of dental specialist in research and education.
  • To provide a profession of choice for Malaysian school leavers.
  • To expand the platform for Malaysia’s participation in the world dental industry.
  • To help Malaysia make a impact in the continual development of dentistry.