Oral Maxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction

Background of research

Trauma is a major public health problem, specifically injuries to the maxillofacial region may be particularly disabling. It is the region of specialized function such as vision, hearing, olfaction, respiration, mastication and speech. Important vascular and neural structures which are intimately associated are present in this region and the psychological impact of disfigurement may also add to the level of resulting morbidity. 

Facial deformity caused by trauma, congenital or developmental disabilities, tumor or cyst and post-surgical sequelae produced a negative impact on perceptions of social functionality, including employability, honesty and trustworthiness. Reconstruction is one of the main tasks facing oral maxillofacial surgeons that addresses functionality, quality of life and high-quality esthetic reconstruction. Full awareness of available options for reconstruction helps many other specialties thus culminating in an interdisciplinary team.

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  1. Asst. Prof. Dr. Pram Kumar Subramaniam (Leader)
  2. Asst. Prof. Dr Haszelini Hassan
  3. Assoc Prof Dr Nazih Shaban Mustafa
  4. Asst Prof Dr Nor Adilah Harun
  5. Asst Prof Dr Izzati Nabilah Ismail
  6. Asst Prof Dr Khairul Bariah Chi Adam
  7. Asst Prof Dr Badruddin Ghazali

Area of research

  1. Identify incidence and pattern of maxillofacial injuries and results of various etiological factors and treatment modality as well as their complications.
  2. Creating innovation or novel development in maxillofacial reconstruction treatment modalities
    as well as other related investigations and materials.