The unit of Paediatric Dentistry is established with the principle aim to achieve maintenance oral health with a non-pharmacologic behaviour management in children and adolescent patients. The core of the course emphasizes the basic concepts and principles of paediatric dentistry patients including diagnosis and treatment planning, recognize growth and development that leads to dental health problem in children and adolescents. The course also provide students to be confident to prevent and treat oral health problems in children and adolescent patients with non-pharmacological behaviour management or able to refer to appropriate specialist. Meanwhile, dental public health  provides emphasis on the development of the dentist to fulfill a responsible role as a health professional in individual, family and community life. The main concern of dental public health is directed toward the improvement and promotion of the oral health of the population as a whole, as well as of individuals within that population. The promotion of oral health and prevention of oral disease of the patient should be conducted in a holistic and comprehensive manner which would ultimately leads towards the attainment of successful self-care by the patient.  

Objectives (Paediatric Dentistry)

  • To understand behaviour management in children and adolescent patients.         
  • To understand examination and diagnose of oral health problem in children and adolescent patients.
  • To understand the evidence-based oral health problems and treatments in children and adolescent patients.
  • To interpret treatment plans for children and adolescent patients.
  • To analyze early prevention of oral health problems in children and adolescent patients.
  • To apply dental clinical procedure for children and adolescent patients.
  • To apply non-pharmacological behavior during the treatment of patient.

Objectives (Public Health Dentistry)

  • To demonstrate understanding of relevant public health components such as social and behavioural science, preventive dentistry, oral health promotion, epidemiology, the deliverysystem as well as common public health issues.
  • To demonstrate skill in total patient care of the dental patient in the clinic by appropriate management of cases.
  • To demonstrate skill in communication and development of interpersonal relationship within the dental team as well as with the public.

Head of Department

Assoc. Prof. Dr Noorhazayti

Dental Public Health​

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Paediatric Dentistry

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