Objectives (Prosthodontics)

  • To properly use and maintain applicable materials and equipment.
  • To produce properly contoured casts.
  • To fabricate accurate custom final edentulous impression trays.
  • To fabricate record bases and occlusion rims neatly.
  • To articulate COP casts properly.
  • To set up complete denture teeth properly.
  • To perform an esthetic wax-up for CDP.
  • To diagnose, formulate a realistic treatment plan and perform it it in correct way.
  • To integrating these treatment concepts and techniques with those of other dental specialties.
  • To recognizing and referring patients with complex prosthodontic needs to the appropriate specialists.
  • To overcome the difficulties of the aged for successful treatment and to adopt a humanitarian attitude, develop a better relationship with, and a better understanding of the feelings and attitudes of the aged.   

Head of Department

Asst. Prof. Dr Karimah Wahida Bt. Zulkifli

Asst. Prof. Dr Hikmah Bt. Mohd Nor


Phone No. : 09-5705515

Asst. Prof. Dr Wan Nor Hayati Bt. Wan Abd. Manan


Phone No. : 09-5705528

Asst. Prof. Dr Wan Azila Bt. Wan Hamat


Phone No. : 09-5702949

Asst. Prof. Dr Wan Noor Nazayan Bt. Wan Nik


Phone No. : 09-5705513

Asst. Prof. Dr Chu Seng Boon


Phone No. : 09-5705507

Asst. Prof. Dr Norfaezah Bt. Ahmad


Phone No. : 09-5705506

Asst. Prof. Dr Sulhi Bin Abidin


Phone No. : 09-5705415

Asst. Prof. Dr Anis Zafirah Bt. Mustapa


Phone No. : 09-5702943

Dr Noor Fatiha Bt. Abdul Rahim

Study Leave (USM)