Kulliyyah of Architecture & Environmental Design

Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAEDwas established on the 1st June 1996 to fulfil the need for professional in the built environment. The Kulliyyah offers unique programs geared towards integrating Islamic values and the tawhidic educational approach in the built environment profession.

KAED aims at pioneering the integration of the Islamic World View into both teaching and training of emerging professionals within the built environment professions by applying the tawhidic educational approach. This will not only produce graduates who will also become competent in Research and Development (R&D) activities.




Serambi Gallery Launching

On 4th January 2023, KAED begin the new year Chapter with a milestone. The launching of the much anticipated Serambi Gallery by our Honorable Rector Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak.

The Serambi Gallery is a special project as part of KAED’s 25th Anniversary that we celebrated last year. Among the projects conducted were our KAED Raya and Pinnacle Event, Laman KAED, Souvenir Shop and Outdoor Swings, and also KAED Run. The Serambi Gallery showcase our vibrant talent through our artworks and achievements. The project was led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rajabi and team.

Visit KAED25 Project for more exciting videos and update at https://kulliyyah.iium.edu.my/kaed/kaed25.


A Discourse on High-Rise Hotel Architecture, Theme: Hospitality In Islamic Compliance
10th April 2023 (Monday)

Master of Architecture studio MAAR 7210 has embarked on a design project of hotel architecture for the semester to meet the requirements of a complex building category of a high-rise and long-span nature. The high-rise and hotel building typology requires expert input from numerous parties in the niche industry. Thus, the studio is applying to conduct a one-day discourse to discuss various topics ranging from high-rise buildings, high-rise hotel architecture, pandemic resilience, and the need to make the hotel Syariah compliant. The hotel typology, as part of hospitality service, requires students to understand the meaning of star rating and chain/brand management; the importance of interior design to the human psyche; the technical and green requirements, construction techniques and structure, as well as the subject of subjective cost. The discourse will provide varied exposure to the range of services as the core of hospitality services. Technically, with a high-rise hotel building typology as a case study, the discourse with subject matter expert, students have the opportunity to enquire how each of the services of the hotel entwined and connected with engineering and services that support its functions as well as the ambience contributing to its overall efficiency.

Objectives of the the Discourse

The objective of the seminar is to expose students not only to its content but also through organising the event as a team. Participating in the seminar, students are expected to understand the operation, organisation and expectations of the many users in the hotel industry apart from the physical and technical aspects of planning and designing hotels for the programme.

The seminar is divided into three subsections as follows:

  1. Technology in Hotel and Highrise Construction.

  2. Hospitality Architecture, Branding and Identity, Organization and Services, Resilient and Syariah Compliance,

  3. Design Briefing of the thematic hotel project


KAED ISO 9001: 2015 Internal Audit


KAED internal audit exercise for YR 2022 was conducted on 20th and 21st July 2022. The two days session involved auditing KAED’s overall management and operational aspect of Kulliyyah that covers:

  • Design and development of education programmes;
  • Provision of education services at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Management of Research and Publication activities;
  • Management of Student Development;
  • Provision of Corporate Services

The overall exercise was a successful audit and Kulliyyah would like to thank Auditors and all staff for their contributions.