1. Programme / MQR No.

Master of Urban and Regional Planning : MQA/FA6556

2. Brief Introduction

The Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) is a professional coursework programme offered by the Department of Urban & Regional Planning. In order to qualify for the degree of MURP, a candidate has to accumulate not less than 66 credit hours during the formal period of being a registered student, with a dissertation of 5 Cr. Hrs.

3. Programme Outcome

The programme outcomes of Master of Urban and Regional Planning are as follows:-

o.Learning Outcome
1.Prepare statutory development plans and planning submissions consistent with the requirements of the latest knowledge and state-of-the-art technology
2.Undertake development planning studies, feasibility studies and impact assessment studies in relation to land use and built environment with relevant skills
3.Facilitate and advise various agencies that include governmental, non-governmental organisations, public and/or private bodies in the development of land in the best interest of the community and responsibility for the environment
4.Integrate professional planning practice and demonstrate behavior of high ethical values in line with planning ethics and Codes of Professional Conduct
5.Communicate effectively with stakeholders in development projects and exhibit leadership qualities in development projects
6.Apply intellectual critical thinking, problem-solving approach and ethical reasoning in appraising and planning cities and regions within the context of sustainable development
7.Practice advocacy planning and make representations in any arbitration involving planning and land matters with state-of-the-art technology
8.Work individually and in groups with high levels of innovation and entrepreneurship
9. Integrate Islamic principles in planning practices and demonstrate Islamic values in professional conduct
10.Promote sustainable development through knowledge and skills in the discipline of urban and regional planning

4. Career Opportunities

Job prospects for Master of Urban and Regional Planning graduates such as lecturers, researchers, consultants, town planners, project managers, executive, and other careers related to the field.

5. Programme Structure

The total credit hour for Master of Urban and Regional Planning is 66. The required courses include:-

University Required Courses (6 Credit Hours)MAED 7030 : Values, Ethics and Built EnvironmentMAED 7020: Research Methodology for the Built Environment 
Kulliyyah Required Courses (60 Credit Hours)
MAUP 7201     Planning Workshop 2: Spatial Planning and Urban DesignMAUP 7216     Urban Ecosystem and Environmental ManagementMAUP 7211     Planning Theory and Techniques
MAUP 7217     Planning Legislation and Land MattersMAUP 7235     Housing and Community PlanningMAUP 7301     Planning Workshop 3: Development and Statutory Plan
MAUP 7141     Rural & Regional PlanningMAUP 7136     Regional EconomicsMAUP 7114     Transportation and Traffic Management Planning
MAUP 7401     Planning Workshop 4: Special ProjectMAUP 7492     DissertationMAUP 7220     Planning Practice and Governance
MAUP 7411     Practical Training (12 weeks)

6. Duration of Study

The master program duration is as follows:-

(4 normal semester and 1 short semester)
(8 normal semester and 1 short semester)
(8 normal semester and 1 short semester)
(16 normal semester and 1 short semester)

7. Tuition Fees: Click HERE