1. Programme MQR No.

Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Honours) / No. MQR (10258)

2. Brief Introduction

The Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Honours) at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) aims to fill a need for professionals in the construction industry with a sound knowledge of construction economics, technology and management; and the Islamic perspective of man’s Khalifah on earth and the ability to apply this knowledge to the complex and dynamic situations prevailing within the construction industry and the process of construction procurement of which it is comprised.

The objectives of the programme is:

  • To train individuals to become highly competent and knowledgeable Quantity Surveyors focusing on good management of expenditure in construction procurement.
  • To instil a sense of responsibility and commitment to the way in which scarce economic resources in construction procurement are being utilised and to the overall social and economic development needs of the ummah.
  • To instil strong sense of honesty and transparency in the administration of construction contracts underpinned by strong Islamic ethics and moral values.
  • To provide leadership and become the centre of excellence in Quantity Surveying and construction procurement studies through the use of the state of the art information and communication technology.
  • To provide leadership and become an international centre of excellence in research and development for Quantity Surveying and construction procurement studies.

3. Programme Outcome

At the end of the programme, the students should be able to:

  • Think in an analytical and critical manner; communicate professional and personal ideas, opinions and findings effectively; provide leadership (where appropriate) and be an effective team player; and provide services/execute task related to Quantity Surveying with high Islamic ethics and moral values.
  • Manage construction expenditure to achieve value for money from preliminary estimate to final account; measurement and estimating of construction works; payments; cost planning and cost control; bidding and project cash flows.
  • Advise on the selection of the most appropriate procurement system and contractual arrangement including innovative approaches; administer tender and construction contract within the context of time, cost and quality.
  • Apply knowledge and skills in technology (traditional and innovative) in the provisions of services or to execute tasks related to Quantity Surveying.
  • Apply knowledge and skills in managing tasks, people and organisation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and the practice of Quantity Surveying in an international context.

4. Career Opportunities

5. Programme Structure

University Required Courses (20 Credit Hours)

Kulliyah Required Courses (5 Credit Hours)

Department Required Courses (120 Credit Hours)

6. Duration of Study

Four (4) Years of 9 Semesters, to a maximum of 6 years (12 Semesters)

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