1. Programme / MQR No.

Master of Architecture : MQA/PA 8766

2. Brief Introduction

The programme is designed to train post B.Sc (Architectural Studies) or LAM Part 1 students to a high standard of competency and knowledge in Architecture and the construction industry. This is done with a sense of responsibility and commitment to the natural and built environment and having the capacity to monitor their well being for the future generation through understanding Tauhidic approach. The graduates acquire an advanced knowledge of core areas in Architecture and the construction industry from a Malaysian and International perspective with a higher level of understanding, knowledge and skills in related fields such as building construction, civil and structure, planning and development and theory and philosophy, Islamic values and Islamic worldview are integrated in the courses and the delivery system to ensure graduates are aware of their roles as Khalifah and Murabbi in this challenging career demand.

3. Programme Outcome

At the end of this programme, students are expected to be able to:-

No.Learning OutcomeOutcome Domain
1.Apply architectural knowledge as required by the universityKnowledge
2.Demonstrate practical skills in the various aspects of architecture and the built environmentPractical Skills
3.Possess the required social skills and responsibilities as a member of society in the practice of architectureSocial Skills and Responsibility
4.Exhibit ethical values and attitude in line with Islamic teachings and codes of professional conduct in architecture and related fields through Tawhidic approachValues, Attitudes, Professionalism
5.Present and communicate knowledge and ideas effectively , possess leadership qualities and teamwork skillsCommunication, Leadership and Team Skills
6.Employ intellectual, creative, spiritual and scientific skills to problem-solving in the field of architecture and the built environmentProblem Solving and Scientific Skills
7.Demonstrate state-of-the-art technology and lifelong learning skills in architecture and the built environmentInformation Management and Life Long Learning Skills
8.Exhibit managerial and entrepreneurial skills in architecture and the built environmentManagerial and Entrepreneurial Skills
9.Integrate Islamic principles towards sustainable development in architecture and the built environmentIntegration of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Values

4. Career Opportunities

The graduates will have the opportunity to work in the following areas/companies:

    i. Architecture Firms and Practices
    ii. Project Management Companies
    iii. Construction and Developer Companies
    iv. Research & Development (Government and Private Sectors)
    v. Academic Institutions
    vi. Government/Semi-Government Sectors

5. Programme Structure

The total credit hour for Master of Architecture is 63. The required courses include:-

University Required Courses (3 Credit Hours)
MAED 7030: Values, Ethics and Built Environment

Department Required Courses (56 Credit Hours)
MAAR 7110 : Advanced Architectural Design 1
MAAR 7131 : Urban Design Discourse
MAAR 7171 : Research Methodology in Architecture
MAAR 7190 : Architectural Technology
MAAR 7210 : Advanced Architectural Design 2
MAAR 7291 : Advanced Architectural Technology
MAAR 7271 : Dissertation 1
MAAR 7272 : Dissertation 2
MAAR 7410 : Master Design Thesis 1
MAAR 7453 : Professional Practice 1
MAAR 7520 : Master Design Thesis 2
MAAR 7454 : Professional Practice 2

Electives (4 Credit Hours)
MAAR 7032 : Universal Design in the Built Environment
MAAR 7030 : History and Culture of South East Asian Architecture and Its Built Environment
MAAR 7031 : Masjid Architecture
MAAR 7033 : Healthcare Architecture
MAAR 7001 : Intercultural Dialogue Through Design (IDIDE)
MAAR 7090 : Advanced Computer Aided Presentation Design
MAAR 7034 : Philosophy of Architecture

6. Duration of Study

The full time programme would normally require 2 years (4 semesters) to complete. The maximum period allowed for the completion of the full time programme is 4 years (8 semesters).

7. Admission Requirement

a) A pass in the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies (IIUM) or equivalent to LAM Part-I

b) A minimum CGPA of 2.75 or its equivalent

c) A  minimum of B grade for overall design, and technology related courses

d) Pass IIUM English placement test or equivalent

e) A minimum of 6 months working experience in architectural related field as required by LAM, or more if not meeting the requirements of (b) and (c)

f) Subject to interview, appointment letter (from employer) and portfolio review by the department.

7. Tuition Fees : Click HERE