1. Program/MQR No

Doctor of Philosophy (Built Environment) MQA/FA6560

2. Brief Introduction

The Doctor of Philosophy in Built Environment is ‘Research Only’ programme.  To qualify the degree , a student must attend two (2) required courses class with zero (0) Cr. Hrs. i.e. AED 7000 (Value, Ethics and Built Environment) and AED 7070 (Research Methodology for the Built Environment) and audit, if necessary, one (1) or two (2) course(s). The student has to successfully complete a scholarly research thesis of not more than 100,000 words under a supervisor or supervisory committee as approved by the Kulliyyah Postgraduate and Research Committee (KPGRC) and also has to defend it before the Doctoral Examination Committee (DEC).

3. Programme Outcome

This programme aims to produce graduates with adequate knowledge and skills in relevant built environment fields such as Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Urban and Regional Planning and Applied Arts and Design.

Besides being professionally qualified and competent, the graduates will acquire spiritual, intellectual, moral and ethical characteristics towards the development of an integral and harmonious relationship with The Creator, fellow human beings and with the natural environment.

Therefore, the learning outcomes of the programme are as follows:-
No.Learning Outcome1.To have in-depth understanding, broad analytical thinking and technical competency in advanced built environment field2.To possess the ability to predict and explain the results of different experiments, simulations, data collections and analysis as well as to draw meaningful conclusions 3.To possess the ability to communicate skillful in presenting technical information in public seminar, conferences, symposium, workshop etc.4.The ability to write scientific proposal for research funding and scholarship5.To have high skills in writing technical and scientific findings in form of dissertations, reports and/or referred journals6.The ability to function efficiently and effectively both as individual and in a group as well as being a strong team leader in both national/international built environment fields7.The ability to acquire built environment and management skills with high moral and ethical values to produce well rounded postgraduates suitable for modern industry8.The ability to behave ethically in scientific related matters such as maintain ethical codes in research including getting permission from and giving proper credits to others 

4. Career Opportunities

Job prospects for Doctor of Philosophy (Built Environment) graduates are versatile such as lecturer, researcher, landscape architect, architects, town planner, quantity surveyor etc.

5. Programme Structure

University Required Courses (0 Credit Hours)PAED 8000 : Values, Ethics and Built Environment
Kulliyyah Required Courses (0 Credit Hours)PAED 8070 : Research Methodology for the Built EnvironmentPAED 8999 : Thesis
PAED 8994 :  Research Proposal

6. Duration of Study

The Ph.D program duration is as follows:-


7. Tuition Fees : Click HERE