ThUniversity Management Committee (UMC) in its meeting No.13/2022 held on 7th September 2022 has agreed to declare the first Friday of every month as IIUM Community Day. 
The objectives of IIUM Community Day are as follows:
  • To instil the spirit of volunteerism among staff by participating in community-related activities/projects at the department, Kulliyyah and University levels.
  • To translate the understanding of Bi’ah into practice through impactful activities.
  • To support the aspirations of the University towards having a balanced (Sejahtera) staff.
KAED had conducted many activities and programmes that involved staff on a voluntary basis: however, their contributions were not captured on any platform to recognise their efforts. Thus, with the introduction of the IIUM Community Day programme at the Kulliyyah, data on participation and contributions will be captured, and it will be used for APAR, promotion, nomination for the Takrim Award and etc.
In line with the University’s aspiration to humanise education as stated in SAF, where the propagation of knowledge is beyond the walls of classrooms and offices, the University community is also engaged to provide an ecosystem that celebrates knowledge and activities related to it. KAED is very supportive of this aspiration, and it is proposed that the following activities be conducted:
The Lead Programme Coordinator of the respective area/scope will be responsible to coordinate the implementation of the proposed programme and to obtain necessary approval including budget prior to the event.
Committee members will be appointed among KAED Staff who will support the implementation of “IIUM Community Day” programme. It had been endorsed and approved in Kulliyyah Committee Meeting (KCM) No.2/2023 held on 27th February 2023.


Total Programmes


Usrah & Tazkirah No.2/2024 01/03/24
KAED Gotong Royong No.1/2024 19/02/24
Farewell Ceremony 30/01/24
KAED Retirement Appreciation Ceremony 16/01/24
Usrah & Tazkirah No.1/2024 12/01/24


Usrah & Tazkirah No.9/2023 08/12/23
Usrah & Tazkirah No.8/2023 01/12/23
KAED Ibadah Camp Part II 21/11/23
Usrah & Tazkirah No.7/2023 10/11/23
KAED Townhall & Takrim Day 15/09/23
Community Engagement @SMK Sungai Pusu 25/08/23
Usrah & Tazkirah No.6/2023 11/08/23
IIUM Takrim Day 01-02/08/23
Usrah & Tazkirah No.5/2023 28/07/23
Usrah & Tazkirah No.4/2023 21/07/23
Farewell Ceremony 09/06/23
Garden Gathering 2.0 @Rumah Melayu 29/05/23
40th IIUM Commemorative Convo Ceremony 20/05/23
Beautification of KAED Gallery & Area 09-20/05/23
KAED Ibadah Camp 08/04/23
Garden Gathering @Rumah Melayu 17/03/23
Usrah & Tazkirah No.3/2023 10/03/23
KAED Gotong Royong Part II 09/03/23
KAED Gotong Royong 03/03/23
Usrah & Tazkirah No.2/2023 17/02/23